HIV/AIDS Fact List: Myths V/s Actual Reality

Today, we have published blog on “HIV/AIDS Facts”. Most of people believed that HIV and AIDS could be transmitted by a mosquito bite, by sharing a drinking glass with someone with HIV/ AIDS, by being around someone with AIDS who was coughing, by hugging or kissing someone with AIDS, and so on. These all are some myths about HIV/AIDS.

1. HIV/AIDS is a Gay Disease

Anyone can be susceptible to HIV/AIDS, regardless of their sexual orientation. Everyone is at risk of getting HIV from blood-to-blood contact, sharing needles or unsafe sex. Worldwide, HIV is spread most often through heterosexual contact.

2. HIV/AIDS can be cured

To date, there is no cure for HIV or AIDS and there are no vaccines to prevent HIV infection.

3. I can get HIV/AIDS from Mosquitoes

HIV can only be transmitted through an exchange of body fluids. It cannot be spread through physical contact unless you have an open wound which comes into contact with the body fluids of an HIV-positive person.

4. AIDS is Genocide

In one study, as many as 30% of African-Americans and Latinos expressed the view that HIV was a government conspiracy to kill minorities. Instead, higher rates of infection in these populations may be due, in part, to a lower level of health care.

HIV and AIDS Myths

5. HIV/AIDS cannot transmitted during oral sex

Transmission of HIV occurs when there is an exchange of body fluids and this is possible during oral sex when there are open wounds. These include cuts, sores or abrasions in the mouth or gums, or infections in the throat or mouth that are inflammed. There may also be abrasions or sores on the penis or vagina. It is best to avoid oral sex if you have any cuts, sores or abrasions, or if you have a sexually transmitted infection. Otherwise, it is advisable to use condoms when engaging in oral sex.


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